Financial Advisor Roger Kroeger Arrested for Embezzlement

He allegedly stole almost $300,000 from an elderly client
Earlier this month, Roger Kroeger was arrested in Broward County on several charges after a former client of his accused him of stealing $290,000 from her investment account. Kroeger had been an advisor with INVEST Financial Corporation in Fort Lauderdale.

The client is a 92-year-old Pompano Beach woman who didn’t want her name to be disclosed. But she did have this to say about the situation: “I am so hurt by it because I trusted him with all my heart. I could never believe that [he] would ever do this to me.”

Kroeger’s actions came to light when two friends of the woman took a look at her financial statements. Maryanne Murphy and fellow Eucharistic minister Kevin McCann make daily trips to check on the woman’s wellbeing, and they offered to take a look at her finances.

Neither really expected to find anything out of the ordinary, as Murphy pointed out: “This Roger she had as a financial planner for 30 years,” Murphy said. “She had no reason not to trust him.” However, it didn’t take long for the ministers to notice discrepancies. Murphy said that the graphs “were all going downhill.” There were also several large withdrawals. Read More