Who should purchase a Capital Shield® policy?

Capital Shield policy protects any one who uses an Investment advisor for managing investments. It's highly recommended for investors with invested assets between $1M - $10 Million. Capital Shield provides reimbursements of full amount covered. Please refer to the policy terms or contact Capital Shield agent for further details.

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Without a Capital Shield® policy, how would an investor recover money that was embezzled by their asset manager?

In case of embezzlement, a Capital Shield® policy owner would file a claim and Capital Shield will handle the process of recovery and indictment. In absence of insurance policy, you may consult your lawyer to recover your lost assets. The investor typically would have to follow legal course of action against the investment advisor or the [...]

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When would the policy pay me for an embezzlement loss?

In the event of a covered loss, the Capital Shield policy will pay at the time the proof of loss is accepted and the perpetrator is indicted. In absence of Capital Shield policy, the investor will have to go through the trial and recovery process and reclaim lost assets only if the funds are still [...]

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But my financial advisor has an insurance policy?

Most financial advisors have professional liability policies, which exclude criminal acts by the advisor. SPIC coverage provides a limit of up to $500,000 for securities, including $250,000 for cash held in a brokerage account, but only when the asset management firm goes bankrupt and customers assets are missing. Larger investments firm may have some form [...]

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What is covered by Capital Shield® and what is excluded?

The policy covers your invested assets when your asset manager embezzles your funds. Your asset manager, financial manager or hedge fund manger must be listed as a "Named Person" on the policy. It does not cover for any market fluctuations, potential futures gains or any fictitious amounts listed on account statements.

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