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Capital Shield® is a Fidelity Insurance policy underwritten by W.R. Berkley that protects an investor in the event their asset manager, hedge fund manager or investment advisor embezzles the investor’s funds.

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Provide embezzlement insurance to High Net Worth Individuals

Capital Shield® Insurance is a unique product in the market. You can provide greater value to your high net worth individuals clients. Or if you are considering targeting wealthy individuals and families, Capital Shield® product is ideal to get started

Embezzlement Insurance to Safeguard your Future
Designed for High Net Worth Families
Capital Shield® underwritten by W.R. Berkley

Policy Underwritten by W.R. Berkley

Capital Shield® is underwritten by W.R. Berkley.

Founded in 1967, W.R. Berkley Corporation is an insurance holding company with annual premium written exceeding $7.5 billion. A Fortune 500 company and among the largest property casualty insurance businesses in the US, W.R. Berkley has an AM Best rating of A+ (Superior), a S&P rating of A+ (Strong), along with a Financial Rating Category of XV. With 54 independent operating units, W.R. Berkley has more than 7600 employees working in 25 US companies.

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Capital Shield® policy by W.R. Berkley will help you protect your wealth from embezzlement

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